Landscaping and Irrigation

Landscaping Services

We are a pioneer in the landscaping systems having established our Landscape Division in 1987. Since then, we have acquired a solid reputation in the country as an innovative, reliable and cost-effective landscape contractor. We are now one of the few landscape companies fully capable of providing the high standards of maintaining and executing landscape and irrigation projects.


Softscape is all the "natural" areas of the exterior of the home, the elements of the landscape that comprise live, horticultural elements. Planting beds, lawns and ground covers plants, shrubs, trees, organic mulch and other more transitory elements that continues to change. The purpose of the Soft scape from a design perspective is to lend character to the landscape and create an aura and ambience that reflects the sensibilities of the owners and visitors of properties.


Hardscape includes the items that are durable for years and years and never change. Usually with hardscape the upper soil profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the earth, i.e. concrete, patios, paved walkways, sidewalks or paths, brickwork, retaining walls, pavers, stones, boulders, large fountains, etc.

Gardening & Interior Landscaping

Over the last 20 years, we constructed over 30 gardens and maintained hundreds, in the gardens of palaces, new houses, public and private projects, hotels and resorts. We are able to apply skills and expertise gained from our experience to ensure projects are executed efficiently in timely delivery while at the same time maintaining high quality.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

QScape is an established firm for water features, swimming pool, aquascape, streams, ponds and artificial waterfalls features design and construction. QScape offers an innovative and highly economical approach to waterfalls, aquariums, water features and exhibit development. Our experience can take your project from conception phase through completion.

Irrigation and Water Features

QScape is an approved firm of irrigation systems providing the latest technologies that properly care for lawn and plants while conserving water with state of the art Systems and irrigation design, installation and maintenance.

  • Drip Irrigation Installation
  • To conserve water and allow proper watering for plants and flowers in areas where traditional sprinklers cannot be used.

  • Add On
  • Adds on to existing systems and ensures both run effectively.

  • Rust Preventer Systems
  • Built directly into sprinkler systems to reduce iron in the water to eliminate water stains on houses, concrete and other outdoor items.

  • Fertilization Systems

Built Directly into sprinkler systems to fertilize lawn in the most efficient way possible by having full control of slow release and allowing your lawn to have deeper roots and be healthy and saving you money, in the long run. There is also essentially no labor needed to do the work.

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